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​​​Training / Examination Nominations

No​.​​​ Question Answer
Can Department HRD Admin nominate using IC number?

Yes, Department HRD Admin can:

  1. Click on the “Lookup" icon,
  2. Select “IC number" tab,
  3. Fill in the IC number,
  4. Click enter on the keyboard.
2What can be done if an employee is unable to attend the training / examination at the last minute?
  1. If the cancellation is a day before the Training / Exam, Department HRD Admin can cancel the nomination. Department HRD Admin need to contact IPA / JPA to inform the cancellation.
  2. If the cancellation is on the day itself, Department HRD Admin need to contact IPA / JPA to inform on the cancellation.

This is because, during and after the Training / Exam has occurred, changes in the nomination page is restricted.

3When nominating employee for exam, does Department HRD Admin need to attach the required documents by JPA?No, all the employee data is stored inside SSM. Department HRD Admin just need to ensure that the employee data is up to date.
4What does the red status indicate in nomination page?

Red status means the nomination for the employee is not successful. Scroll to the end of the table and check the messageregarding unsuccessful nominations.

It may indicate any of the following reasons:

  1. Employee does not meet the Training / Exam criteria
  2. Employee has retired or suspended.
  3. Duplicate entry of employee's personnel number
  4. The employee has another Training / Exam that has the same date and time.
5Can Head of Department (HOD) nominate an employee? No, only Department HRD Admin can nominate. HOD will only receive notification for mandatory examinations only.
6If nominations have been approved, can it be cancelled?

Yes, it can still be cancelled.

However, it is not advisable to cancel at the very last minute. The latest cancellation can be made a day before the Training / Examination.

7How to add rows to add more nominees in the nomination page? Click on insert row icon (+) at the bottom of the page.
8How to remove rows to remove nominees in the nomination page?Click on remove row icon (-) at the bottom of the page.
9After inputting the personnel number, why is it important to click on the enter button on keyboard?This is to show the employee's details and for Department HRD Admin to ensure that the correct employee is nominated.
10Can employees nominate themselves?No, only Department HRD Admin can nominate employee within their own department.
11Can Department HRD Admin nominate themselves?No, if the Department HRD Admin is nominated then another Department HRD Admin is required to do the nominations.
12Will it detect employees that are on leave at the time?No, it will not detect employees that are on leave.
13How to nominate seconded employees? They can only be nominated by their parent Department.
14Why is there “02 (Approve)" in the action column?

02 (Approve) is for JPA and IPA only.

There are only two actions for Department HRD Admin:

01 (Nominate) and 05 (Cancel) only.


When nominating, can Department HRD Admin choose dates that are near?

For example: This month is September and there are two next available dates: in September and November, can Department HRD Admin choose September?

It is advisable that Department HRD Admin to choose the date that is further as the nominations require time to be approved.

System / Process

No.​ Question Answer
1How can Department HRD Admin nominate employees to an external training (not conducted by IPA) that are not listed in SSM Training Catalogue?Nominations for external training, Department HRD Admin are required to maintain the current process which is through PA30 (Training and Examination).
2How to identify the date from the course?In the Training / Exam Catalogue (PSV1), Department HRD Admin may find the Training / Exam and click on the dropdown and the available dates will be displayed.
3Who / what is Training Organiser?Training Organiser in SSM represents IPA. Training Organiser is responsible to manage the training schedule and nominations.
4Does this module include Trainings / Exams from other Departments or Ministries?No, as of now, this module will only include trainings conducted by IPA and mandatory examination from JPA.
5Why is the course code and date not shown in the Training / Exam Catalogue?

Please follow these steps to display the course code and date:

Under Catalogue, go to “Settings" > “Change Settings"  and enable “All object view" on “View Tab".

6Will the system auto update or does Department HRD Admin need to enter the data manually via PA30 once the Training / Exam is completed?

If the employee is nominated by Department HRD Admin using Training and Examination Management module, the details will be automatically updated in PA30.

The Training / Exam results will then be updated by Training / Exam organiser once the Training / Exam is completed.

7Where can Department HRD Admin check the schedule of Trainings / Examinations?

Department HRD Admin can view the schedule in the Training / Exam Catalogue.

Transaction code: PSV1

8How can Department HRD Admin update private Exams / Trainings that are not organised by JPA / IPA?

Maintained via PA30

For Exam:

PA30 > Examination Details

For Training:

PA30 > Training

9Does the eligibility consist of information such as the employee's education or background? E.g., having a background in Policy.No, currently eligibility rule is only based on Division.
10Who can access Training / Exam Catalogue (PSV1)?

The roles who can access PSV1 are:

  1. Department HRD Admin
  2. Training organizer (IPA)
  3. Exam Organizer (JPA).
11Is Youth Executive Program (YEP) included in this module?No, it is not included. The Trainings included are those that are listed in IPA's training directory.
12 Kursus-Kursus Kerani Rendah has Training and Exam within the course, will it be included?No, special cases and unique scenarios of Training and Exam is not yet included.
13No page is displayed when Department HRD Admin clicked on “Overview" button. What can be done?

If there is no green tick icon next to the “Infotype", then it means there is no data stored in that “Infotype" yet.

Department HRD Admin may proceed clicking on “Create" icon.

14Can Training / Exam organizer open other “Infotypes" in PA30?

No, they should not be able to open other “Infotypes" in PA30.

Training Organizer can only open “Training Infotype".

Exam Organizer can only open the “Examination Details Infotype".

15How many Head of Department (HOD) can there be in a department?It depends on the Department, a department can have more than one HOD.
16Who is be the HOD? The HOD in SSM is based on the Department's organisational structure.
17Can HODs approve / reject the nominations via SAP GUI?No, only IPA and JPA have the role to approve / reject the nominated employees.
18Department HRD Admin is unable to view the Catalogue when nominating, there is only “Search Term". What can be done?Department HRD Admin may click on “Structure Search" tab next to the “Search Term" tab.


No.​​ Question Answer
1What type of reports does ZHTREM004 generate?

ZHTREM004 generates a report to view the training history of employees.

The report is called Training History report.

2Who can generate Training History report (ZHRTEM004)?

The roles who can generate Training History report are:

  1. Department HRD Admin
  2. Training organizer (IPA)
3How can Department HRD Admin check the number of people who have completed attending the Training?Department HRD Admin can utilize the Training History Report (ZHRTEM004) to track their respective department employees who had attended training.


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1Will the Ketua Bahagian receive notifications, or will Head of Department (HOD) be the only one who receives it?It depends on the Department's Role Mapping allocation. Departments can map the Ketua Bahagian as HOD.
2Will the employees / participants be notified after Department HRD Admin nominate them?Yes, the employees will receive a notification once they are nominated via SSM Front End (ESS).
3How will the employees be notified?Employees will be notified via SSM Front End (ESS) – Notification tile.
4Will the "Approved" status be visible on the employee's Front End (ESS)?Yes, the approved employee will be able to see their nomination status through SSM Front End (ESS).
5Are the notifications only for approved nominees?                

Notifications will appear when the employee is:

  1. Nominated
  2. Approved
  3. Rejected
6Once there is approved / rejected notification from JPA / IPA, will Department HRD Admin release a letterhead from Departments to inform the nominees?It is advisable for Department HRD Admin to release a letterhead with the complete details to ensure that the nominees are well informed regarding the approved Training/Exam and to attend the Training/Exam.
7Will Head of Department (HOD) be informed via notifications?Yes, HODs will be informed via notifications but only for Mandatory Examinations (number of employees who are nominated for the exam) via SSM Front End (MSS).