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1What will happen to Government Employee Management System (GEMS)?
  • SSM is a system merge between GEMS and TAFIS 2.0 jointly led by the Prime Minister's Office through the Public Service Department (PSD) and the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE).
  • SSM will replace the existing Government Payroll system (GPS) and GEMS to be used by Thirteen (13) Ministries.
  • This is to ensure there are no process duplication as well as to further facilitate related services such as application for allowances and other financial services.

2When will the new system be launched and what are the main features of this new system?
  • The First phase of SSM will be launched in 3 stages:

Stage 1: 22 April 2021 for HR Administrators.

Stage 2: 22 May 2021 for Employee Self-Service (ESS) & Manager Self-Service (MSS) users.

Stage 3: 01 June 2021 for e-Payroll module.

  • One of the main features of SSM; e-Payslip can be accessible by users via ESS platform.
3Is it necessary to update Job Data in SSM for government employees who hold purple and green identity cards?

Yes, updates must be made as the employees in concerned are regarded as warga perkhidmatan awam.

4Who is responsible to update the Job Data of the respective employees in each Ministry/Department?

Updating of information must be carried out by the HR Administrators who are assigned the SSM HR roles.

5What if the Department still has some Daily Rated Staffs (Kakitangan Bergaji Hari) but their Job Data has not yet been updated in GEMS?

HR Administrators may do the Job Data entry into SSM later because Job Data for Daily Rated Staffs will be included in the second phase of the project that will commence in February 2022.

6How can I obtain access to an OGN (One Government Network) connection?

You must contact the IT Unit / Division of the Department to seek assistance from E-Government National Centre (EGNC) and obtain OGN connection.

7How do I access SSM?
  • HR Administrators must first ensure that SSM Admin Portal (SAP GUI) are installed in their computer.
  • To access SSM, you are required to have the SSM login account. User ID and Password had been e-mailed to all HR Administrators on 22 April 2021.
  • If you do not have any account, you can fill in the SSM User Profile Request Form available at JPA SSM Info Website and submit it to
8Can I access SSM from home?
  • For security reasons, you will not be able to access SSM Admin Portal (SAP GUI) from home or outside of any Government building.
  • You can only connect to SSM Admin Portal (SAP GUI) within a Government building that are connected to OGN.
9What hours of the day can I access SSM? Are there any time restrictions?

SSM are accessible at any time. However, you can only access SSM Admin Portal (SAP GUI) from your Department with OGN connectivity.

10Why does the system time me out after a period of time?
  • This is for your user account privacy and protection.
  • Your session will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
11Will my password ever expire?

Yes, the password expires every 3 months and you will be required to update your password.

12Why does my SSM links and navigations look different from my colleagues?
  • For security reasons, only employee with specific HR roles and security access can access certain navigations and page (e.g. some employee will not have access to approve certain HR transactions).
  • Hence, depending on the roles given, each user will see different links and navigations.
13What should I do when I cannot see certain links/pages in SSM or cannot perform a functionality that I am supposed to?
  • You may not have been given the right role to access the links/pages.
  • Please contact SSM Helpdesk to determine the role required to perform the transaction and have the role assigned to you.