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1I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
Anything related to User ID or Password and concerns should be enquired to SSM Helpdesk.
2What is the password requirement for SSM?

Password Expiration                   90 Days

Account Lockout                         5 Failed Logins

Minimum Length                         8 characters

Minimum Special Character        1

Minimum Digit                             1

Minimum Lower-Case                  1

Minimum Upper-Case                  1

Password History                          5 Passwords to Retain

3I could not login to the system using the provided password.

Please contact SSM Helpdesk.

4Why some users are given SSM user account, and some are not in our Department?
  • Only HR Administrators have access to SSM at the moment.
  • Commencing 22 May 2021 only, all users including Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) will be given SSM user account.
5How can I know what roles I have in SSM?

Please contact SSM Helpdesk.

6How do I apply for additional roles in SSM?
  • Any request for additional roles must be submitted by your HR Administrators.
  • HR Administrators fill up the SSM User Profile Request Form that is available at JPA SSM Info Website and please return it to