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GEMS will progressively be enabled to all relevant ministries, departments and government agencies in Brunei Darussalam through releases. Each release will involve a group of ministries, departments and government agencies. It is important for us to know which release we belong to in order to prepare for GEMS arrival.

Depending on which ministry, department or government agencies we are from, the following sections below will help us understand

  • Which ministries, departments and government agencies will be enabled by GEMS and when
  • Who are our local Change Agents and Trainers
  • The upcoming GEMS activities that we can expect to occur in our department
  • The training program that is designed for us

If we are working in a ministry, department and/or government agency that has been assigned to a release, it is highly recommended that we regularly check the sections below to keep ourselves updated and prepared for the arrival of GEMS. 

Release Sites

The GEMS Team is working closely with Brunei Government experts to determine which ministry, departments and/or government agencies will be assigned to a release. This section will provide us with information of the assignment(s) for a release once it is officially confirmed.

Release Sites

Release 1 & Release 2A Release 2B Release 2C Release 2D Release 2E
  1. Prime Minister's Office (Proper)

  2. Public Service Department

  3. Audit Department

  4. Public Service Commission

  5. Management Services Department

  6. Civil Service Institute

  7. Energy Division (PMO)

  1. Attorney General Chamber

  2. Department of Electrical Services

  3. Development and Economic Planning

  4. E-Government National Centre

  5. Government Printing

  6. Internal Security

  7. Information Department

  8. Narcotics Control Bureau

  9. Petroleum Unit

  10. Radio Television Brunei

  11. Royal Custom and Traditions

  12. Royal Brunei Police Force

  13. State Judiciary

  14. Ministry of Finance (excluding TAP, BIA)

  15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  16. University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali

  1. Ministry of Religious Affairs (Central)

  2. Kolej Universiti Perguruan Ugama Seri Begawan

  3. Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

  4. Bahagian Perhubungan Awam & Antarabangsa

  5. Unit Perundangan Islam

  6. Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat

  7. Pusat Da'wah Islamiah

  8. Jabatan Hal Ehwal Masjid

  9. Jabatan Hal Ehwal Syariah

  10. Jabatan Pengajian Islam

  11. Jabatan Urusan Haji

  12. Jabatan Majlis Ugama Islam Brunei

  13. Pejabat Ugama Daerah Belait

  14. Pejabat Ugama Daerah Temburong

  15. Pejabat Ugama Daerah Tutong

  16. Ministry of Communications (Central)

  17. Marine

  18. Land Transport

  19. Postal Department

  20. Department of Civil Aviation

  21. Ports

  22. Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (Central)

  23. Fisheries

  24. Forestry

  25. Tourism

  26. Agriculture and Agrifood

  27. Ministry of Defence (Central)

  28. Directorate of Administration and Manpower

  29. Directorate of Defence Policy

  30. Directorate of Finance & Requisition

  31. Unit Teknologi Maklumat

  32. Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies

  33. Directorate of Development and Work Services

  34. Universiti Brunei Darussalam

  1. Jabatan Pendidikan Teknik

  2. Jabatan Sekolah-Sekolah

  3. Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB)

  4. State Mufti

  5. Anti-Corruption Bureau

  1. Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

  2. Ministry of Home Affairs

  3. Ministry of Health

  4. Ministry of Development

  5. State of Council


Quick Links to GEMS Releases

This section will equip us with the necessary information to prepare for the arrival of GEMS in our ministry, departments and/or government agency. Use this section to find out who our local Change Agents and Trainers are, the upcoming activities that will be occurring in our workplace and the training program that we will be receiving for GEMS.

Release Sites

Release 1 & Release 2A Release 2B Release 2C Release 2D Release 2E

Release Date for Release 2A :

28th January 2010

Release Date :

29th April 2010

Release Date :

29th July 2010

Release Date :

28th October 2010

Release Date :

27th January 2011



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