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Archived Features


GEMS 'Go-Live' Activities for R2A

On the 28th January  2010, there will be several activities that will be occurring in conjunction with this specific event. It is important for us to understand what key activities will be taking place during 'Go-Live' Day.  On this eventful day, the three key activities that we, as HR Users, will be a part of are email notifications, Change Agents announcements and the Roving Team visits. Find out more here.


GEMS Roving Team

The GEMS Roving Team made up of functional experts and our department's Change Network and Trainers will be touring through PMO (including Energy Division) and its 5 departments to communicate to HR Users that GEMS has arrived, assist them in logging into GEMS and to troubleshoot any issues that was encountered.


This article will allow us to understand how the GEMS Roving Team can help us and when they will be coming to our department. Find out more here.


Preparing for 'Go-Live' Day - Release 2A

On 'Go-Live' Day, there are a few things that we must do to ensure that we have proper access to the functionalities that GEMS has to offers us. This article will tell us what must be done on 'Go-Live' day, why and how to prepare for it. Find out more here.


GEMS Online Services for the Self Service User

On the 8th February 2010, GEMS Self Service functions will be made available for all Self Service Users. Self Service functions are online transactions that users can make or request without going through their respective HR User.


In this article we HR Users, will understand:

  • the common types of Self Services available online

  • what we can do whenever we encounter a problem in GEMS

  • what the Self-Service Booklet is and how it can help us

Find out more here.


Training Program for Release 2A

GEMS will be able to improve the way we do things at work if we know how to use it comprehensively. The upcoming training program for Release 2A is designed to help future HR Users of GEMS gain the right skills and knowledge that is required to operate the system effectively. The training program will begin on the 12th December 2009 and it is therefore important that we know which courses we should be attending, by when and where. Find out more. 


GEMS Training Preparation Tips

In times of change, it is normal for all of us to experience certain levels of anxiety, stress and even frustration of what is going to happen. The root cause of such feelings are stemmed from the absence of knowing what is going to happen and the lack of preparation before it happens. This article will provide us with a few good reasons for being well prepared and how we can prepare for the training courses that we will soon be attending.  Find out more.


Mind Your GEMS

There may be a brief interval between the time we complete our training to the time when GEMS is live in our department and/or ministry. During this time it can be easy for us to forget what we have learned in the training courses. This article will provide us with a few good tips on how to keep our minds fresh with everything that we have learned in the training program.  Find out more.



Upcoming GEMS Activities for Release 2A

The remaining six modules of GEMS will be implemented in PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments on the 28th January 2010. With the second major release approaching fast, a series of GEMS activities will be occurring in the next few months up to the day GEMS R2A will 'Go-Live' . Find out more. 


HR User Mass Briefing for Release 2A

To meet the Awareness Objective of the GEMS Approach, a HR User Mass Briefing will be held in early December 2009. This event will help us HR Users to prepare for all the upcoming GEMS activities that we will be involved in for R2A. In this article, we will understand the types of information that will be shared in the event and what sort of notifications to look out for as the date for the event draws near. Find out more.


Skilling Up for Release 2A

As HR User, there are different roles that we play in GEMS. Each role consists of specific skill sets that we need to obtain in order to operate GEMS effectively. A training program will be provided to us before 'Go-Live' day to ensure our readiness in applying GEMS into the work that we do everyday. This article will help us to understand the type of roles and skill sets that we will be trained on and

how we will be receiving those training. Find out more.


GEMS R2 Modules and What it Means to Us

GEMS is made up of ten modules which provides online administrative and employment civil services to the Brunei government and its public servants. The first release (otherwise known as Release 1) only consisted of four modules which were rolled out to PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments. By January 2010, the second release (Release 2) which contains the remaining six modules will be released to the same departments that were involved in Release 1. Find out more.


GEMS R2 Localized Training Materials

From the survey that was held in Release 1, the GEMS Team has learned that there were difficulties in understanding what needs to be done in GEMS and how the new processes fits in to our current work processes. Proactive measures have been taken to improve the training approach for R2 (Release 2). Find out more.


Optimizing Our Local SMEs

Local Subject Matter Experts or SMEs are professionals in our workplace who are equipped with an extensive knowledge about GEMS online processes and ready to support us in any difficulties we may be facing when using GEMS. Previously in Release 1, we rely on the support of local GEMS trainers in our departments or ministry which could sometimes be difficult to find because they were either too busy or do lack the knowledge on the offline processes of GEMS. Find out more.


The GEMS Survey - What We Said

The GEMS team recently conducted a survey to collect quantitative and qualitative information from HR Users and Self-Service Users that were involved in Release 1. This article will help us understand what the GEMS Survey is all about, how it will be conducted and more importantly what the GEMS team have learned from the results of the survey.  Find out more.


Feedback Focus Group for Agents and Trainers

With the completion of the project's first release, the implementation team would like to obtain our local Change Agents and GEMS Trainers view on how well GEMS is being accepted in our workplace and the implementation approach that was used. This will allow the GEMS team to determine which areas of the implementation approach can be re-used or improved on for the second release. To obtain these views, two feedback focus group meetings were held separately for our Change Agents and Trainers respectively on the final week of June. Find out more


GEMS Security - Our Safety and Responsibility

Information such as employment information and job records should only be accessible by the employee themselves and respective authorized personnel that do administrative work. GEMS have security features to manage such risks from happening and we must be proactive in taking up the responsibility for the safety of our information in GEMS. In this article, we will understand how GEMS can secure us and how we can secure GEMS. Find out more.


Defend Your GEMS Account - Secure Your Password Like a Pro

The best password should be something that is easy  to remember but personal enough that not even our closest friend or family can guess. This article is aimed at giving us some ideas with 5 useful tips on how to create and maintain a secure password like a professional.  

Find out more.


GEMS Release 1 - A Successful Launch

The 16th April 2009 marked a significant milestone for the Public Service Department when it has successfully launched the first pilot release of GEMS to the Prime Minister's Office (including Energy Division) and its five departments. Prior to GEMS 'Go-Live' day, several key activities  were taking place to ensure that we as HR Users have a smooth experience of GEMS in our actual work place.  In this article we will learn what those key activities are and how they contributed to the successful launching of GEMS Release 1.  Find out more.

GEMS Help Desk - Help Them Help Us

The GEMS Help Desk consists of staffs who were trained to help in solving problems that might be encountered by GEMS users. We can call them at 238 2407 during normal working hours or send an email to gems.helpdesk@psd.gov.bn about the problems encountered in GEMS. This article provides useful information about what to do before calling or emailing the Help Desk, the Help Desk service scope, their operation hours and some communication tips that we can use whenever we call or email them. Find out more.

GEMS Tips For Release 1

As HR Users, we should now be transitioning some of our work into GEMS. This useful article provides us with some general tips that we can use to ease our daily work when using GEMS. 

Find out more.


GEMS Self-Service Road Show for R1 (Release 1)

The road show provides all Self Service Users with the opportunity to know more about GEMS, the Self Service feature available in R1 (Release 1), and to collect dedicated UserIDs and Passwords for new GEMS account that was created for us. Depending on the number of Self Service Users speculated for each R1 departments, the GEMS Road Show will be held between 1 to 2 days for each different site. Find out more.

GEMS Has Arrived - What Should HR Users Do?

It is 16th April 2009, the first release of GEMS has arrived and is now available in PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments. All HR Users and Self Service Users working in any of the departments involved in the first pilot release may now have the opportunity to use GEMS in their actual workplace. Before we start using GEMS, we need to ensure that our individual GEMS account are secured and that our employment records are accurate. Find out more.


*Note: If you are facing any difficulties using GEMS, please call the GEMS Help Desk at 238 2407 or email to gems.helpdesk@psd.gov.bn.

GEMS Self Service Road Show for R1 (Release 1)

The road show provides all Self Service Users with the opportunity to know more about GEMS, the Self Service feature available in R1 (Release 1), and to collect dedicated Usernames and Passwords for new GEMS account that was created for us. Find out more

The GEMS Trainers Network - Enabling Us With GEMS

In each department or ministry, we have local GEMS Trainers has been appointed and trained to provide us with future skilling up sessions whenever it is needed and address any problem that we may have encountered in GEMS. Therefore it is important that we know who they are and how they can help us to ensure that our GEMS experience remains a good experience throughout. Find out more


HR User Mass Briefing for R1 (Release 1)

Intended for all prospective HR Administrators in PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments for R1 (Release 1), the event will provide valuable information about GEMS and the activities leading up to day the system goes live. Find out more.


Getting Skilled With GEMS

As HR User, there are different roles that we play in GEMS. Each role consists of specific skill sets that we need to obtain in order to operate GEMS effectively. This article will help us to understand the skill sets that we need and how we will be obtaining them. Find out more.


The GEMS Experience

Prior to the day that GEMS will 'Go-Live', several activities will be occurring to us and the environment that we work in. It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all the activities that needs to be done. This article provides us with some tips on how we can improve our experience with GEMS. Find out more.


GEMS Modules for R1 (Release 1) – The What, When and Who

The first pilot release (otherwise known as R1) in April will roll-out four modules of GEMS to PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments. By the time of the release date, all HR Administrators and Self-Service Users under those departments will have the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of GEMS. Learn what modules of GEMS are included in R1 and who will be experiencing it first hand. Read more.



Change Management - Supporting the Change in Our Workplace

The GEMS team has developed a series of activities to help us manage upcoming changes that will occur in our workplace. Additionally a local network of Change Champions and Agents has been appointed to support these activities. Find out more.

How GEMS affects Us
Learn more about how GEMS will bring positive benefits to our job, roles and responsibilities.
Read more.




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